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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

It’s Primary Day.

The polls will be open until 7 P.M. When you look at the numbers, hundreds of thousands have already voted early or cast their ballots by mail.

If you waited to vote until today, you will need to go to your assigned precinct. You can find that in the link below.

Some of those have changed. You can find your precinct on your county’s Supervisor of Elections website. Masks may be required or recommended depending upon where you are voting.

At all precincts, CDC guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Our friends at ABC Action News put up a post that includes resources for finding your precinct and checking out the sample ballots, as well.

COVID-19 Testing In St. Pete: What To Know

This week, the parking garage at The Mahaffey Theater became the newest coronavirus testing site in the area. If you’re thinking of heading downtown St. Pete, here’s what you need to know before you go, according to Bay News 9.