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Back To The ’80s

It’s back to school time and it got a bunch of us talking about our favorite school items. Hands-down the one mentioned the most was the almighty Trapper Keeper!

It was the cool version of our parent’s portfolios in the 80s and 90s. Oh, and the sound when everyone in the class would open their Trapper Keeper. It was like you could hear velcro for miles!

Leigh Jones on twitter says, “Literally…the greatest school supply…ever. GOAT”

There were so many designs for Trapper Keepers, too. I remember having a bunch of Lisa Frank ones. I also remember my mom saying I better take care of the one I got at the beginning of every school year because I wouldn’t get one until back to school shopping the next year.

Dia Rizmani hit the nail on the head with this tweet, it was like your own little office in a binder! Who doesn’t love being organized at 8 years old?!

If you are looking to kick it old school with a Trapper Keeper for yourself or maybe introduce your kids to the wonder of one, you can find them for sale on ebay or on Amazon. The answer is yes. I did just purchase one for myself on Amazon. Can’t wait to get a whiff of that new Trapper Keeper smell!


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