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Tom Brady’s been in Tampa for a few months now, so what does he think about life in Florida after spending so many years in New England? I’ve lived most of my adult life in the Boston area and am in total agreement with all of this. I came to Florida in 2012 and you couldn’t get me to go back to the north after experiencing life in Florida.

On Florida heat…
TB12 says the Florida heat’s been no joke. But he says it’s all mental. He says you just wake up and assume it’s hot. But it’s not so much the heat that bugs him. Tom say it’s the sweating on the field that is the big change he’s trying to get used to.

On his time in Tampa…
Tom Brady says he hasn’t explored as much of Tampa yet as he’d like to. He’s basically been back and forth between his house and the football field. Tom says the nature here is so amazing and likes that he gets to see it on a daily basis. He’s been out on the boat with his kids and likes seeing the dolphins swimming in the bay.  He likes seeing different things he never got to see living in New England.

Geno’s tips for Tom Brady as he makes his big move to Tampa Bay…

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