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No it’s not red tide. Over the past week, if you’ve been to Pass-a-Grille Beach and wondered where that awful smell was coming from, there’s a simple answer. It’s dead bodies.  OK that sounds a little extreme. Let me explain.

Even though Tampa Bay was spared from Hurricane Laura, it’s effects still can be seen… or smelled… here in Florida. In Pinellas County in particular, shellfish have washed up on shore and the decaying is stinking the place up pretty bad, according to the Tampa Bay Times. They say waves caused by the hurricane are to blame.

They’re called “sea squirts.” A USF oceanographer says they usually stay attached to the sea floor or things like docks. They’re only a few centimeters in size but they congregate. And the group of rock-like creatures is going to create a pretty bad odor for a week or so. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Sunset at Pinellas County Beaches

For me, there’s no better way to escape the stress of 2020 like watching a Florida sunset. And we’re lucky to live on the west coast of the state for a front row seat! -Geno

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