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Is it worth it? A company called is paying drivers to put advertisements on their rear windshield. Sure it’s an eyesore. But program reviewer Christopher Smith says he’s on pace to make about $850 a year by doing it.

As with anything like this, there’s the good and the bad. It’s definitely worth doing some research before you sign up. Fortunately Christopher tried it for you and learned the ups and downs of the program. So if you’re curious about how this works, here are some things to consider.

First, the good. He says the program does indeed seem legitimate and they have customer service that will help you out. He says he made about $70 a month. But that’s where the good ends. For that $70 a month, there are a lot of hoops to jump through and quirky rules to be aware of.

The bad… first, the obvious. It’s ugly. Sticking ads for car insurance or dog food on your vehicle won’t look so nice when your friends and family see it. The photo he posted in his review will discourage most from giving this program a shot.

But let’s assume you can deal with unsightly stickers on your windshield. There is a fee to sign up plus there is a monthly membership cost. If you don’t check in by posting photo proof that those stickers are still on your car every month, you might not get paid.

By the way, your payment isn’t completely in cash. Part of your compensation is some kind of voucher that gives you discounts at local restaurants. So before you jump, Christopher suggests you look up the participating restaurants in your area to see if it’s even worth it to you. If you don’t like the restaurants in the program, why bother? He goes on to say the gift cards aren’t the kind of gift cards you see at Publix. Often you get a credit for your meal only if you spend a certain amount first. For example, a $10 gift card may only work if you spend $20.

Another thing to consider is this reviewer made about $70 a month but you may not. Reviews I saw on YouTube were far more critical, with some making under $10 a month.

One thing I found interesting is that they don’t seem to measure how many will actually see these ads you’re sticking on your ride. There’s no mileage requirement or anything like that. If you’ve got a car that pretty much just sits in the driveway, this could be worth the hassle. [Full review:]

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