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Both Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa have come out with their lists of top priority road safety projects.

These are projects that will be slated for 2021. They will be submitted to the All For Transportation Tax Committee for approval at some point this week.

Here are some of the projects:

Floribraska Ave. (Tampa St. to 9th Ave.) Complete Streets & Safety Improvements
This will improve roadways and will make room for bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Main St. (MacDill Ave to Willow Ave.) Complete Street & Safety Improvements

Ybor City Traffic Signal Upgrades

Comprehensive Infrastructure for Tampa’s Neighborhoods (PIPES) in the following four general neighborhood areas:

Forest Hills (Forest Hills and Historic Forest Hills)
East Tampa (portions of Jackson Heights
College Hill/Belmont Heights, North Ybor)
Macfarlane Park & Bowman Heights)
Virginia Park.

Glen Ave. (Main St. to Columbus Dr.) Ditch Closure and Sidewalk

The City of Tampa also wants to update school zone beacons, crosswalks and sidewalks close to schools.

To see more on this story and severe crash location analysis done by Hillsborough County, click here.

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