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File photo of Clearwater Beach.

It’s been on the table for years, but nothing has happened. Now Florida’s two senators are making another push to keep us on Daylight Saving Time. For now, they want to try it for a year. The legislation would only keep the United States on Daylight Saving Time until November 21, 2021, according to Channel 13. This would also get rid of the time change in spring.

They’re using COVID-19 as a bullet point on why we shouldn’t have to change our clocks over the next year. This would “ease the burden” says Marco Rubio. Rick Scott said the country “could use a little more sunshine and time to enjoy all that Florida has to offer.”

Research shows roads would be safer, crime rates would go down and we’d use less energy if we stayed on Daylight Saving Time. But some don’t like the idea of less sunlight in the morning. What do you think? [Source: Channel 13]

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