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Take one look at me and you know I’m a cheeseburger lover. Happy National Cheeseburger Day by the way.

My favorite places for a burger are all mom and pop type places. I left big chains out (mostly). When it comes to chain burgers, Five Guys is tough to beat. We’re spoiled because we’re used to seeing them everywhere. People yearn for an In-N-Out, but take it from a guy who lived in California for 5 years. We’re ok without them. They’re not bad, but there’s not worthy of the overdone longing for them you see from Floridians on social media.  I’ll have an In-N-Out burger when I visit the west coast, but it’s never an unforgettable experience.  But anyway, for this list, I wanted to focus on the burgers that are (mostly) unique to Tampa Bay.


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