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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

After Hurricane Sally hit, SPCA Tampa Bay brought 48 dogs and cats to the Bay Area from the Panhandle.

As of yesterday, three of those animals were ready for adoption.

Eric Keaton is with SPCA Tampa Bay and he said, “If there’s destruction in that area, flooding as well, and they have some displaced animals, we work with each other. We will travel up to Tallahassee at the midway point or into them impacted area in order to get those adoptable animals back here to Tampa Bay so we can get them out to their forever homes.”

With Hurricane season in full effect, this trip to the Panhandle wasn’t the first for SPCA Tampa Bay.

“We had about 30 dogs come in from Hurricane Laura, and about a third of them needed extra medical attention. So, we are slowly getting that medical attention to them,” added Keaton. “Some of them required a couple of days in care, some of them a couple of weeks.”

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