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Even after so many said that reopening the major theme parks, Walt Disney World Resort still is showing they can operate without becoming a source for catching coronavirus.

When Walt Disney World began its phased reopening, they had several requirements for their guests. The first attraction to reopen was Disney Springs, and to get in, you had to undergo temperature screenings. Any individual with a high temperature would keep their entire party from entering. Also, masks were required for everyone over 2 years of age. There were cleaning stations with hand sanitizer located throughout Disney Springs. A group of Disney cast members were given the duty of reminding guests to follow the protocols. So far, things went well.

Eventually, when it was time to open the parks to guests, protocols still included social distancing, masks by everyone over 2 years of age-a rule that needed to be adjusted because some people just had to find a loophole. Masks can be removed for eating and drinking, so some would walk around with a drink. Disney closed that loophole by requiring anyone who is eating or drinking to be stationary and socially distant when they remove their masks. Disney has even turned guests away at the park because they would not wear a mask.

Another change is that the parks now require a reservation for entry along with a ticket. This has helped to keep the crowds down. Lines for attractions in the parks are socially distanced, so despite the appearance of a long line, there is simply a distance between guests. Rides, attractions and pretty much anything touched by guests is being cleaned and disinfected regularly.


According to The New York Times, local health officials and union leaders of those that include Disney employees have found no connection to cases involving exposure at the parks. Could this be a sign that what Walt Disney World Resort is doing is working? We’ll still have to see, but after nearly three months, it’s safe to say that it’s a possibility.

Geno’s shots from Walt Disney World’s “20 Magical Reasons” event

Geno fortunately got to visit earlier this year before the whole virus mess began. It was a preview of all the new things at Disney in 2020. It still gives us something to look forward to as things eventually get back to normal!