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Roxanne, here. I had the pleasure of chatting with Greg Lindberg over the weekend about joining MJ, Fester and Froggy on the Morning Show.

It’s only been two weeks, but I do feel like the guys have been so welcoming and I’m picking up on the flow and vibe of the show pretty quickly.

Here is my quick impression of the guys:

MJ – Very bright, almost savant-like (knows serial numbers of his favorite products). I’m more tolerant of MJ’s flaws than I am of other people who might have the same flaws.*

Fester – Phenomenal communicator. He can be comedic and compassionate…and bossy and biting. I totally connect with his dual personalities.*

Froggy – Very creative; And also very dark…into the macabre. I appreciate his depth.*

*Truthfully, I hardly know these guys. I just wrote these based on their horoscopes. But they sound right on.

To check out the interview, click here.

Here is Roxanne cooking with her daughter.