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A group of young children from Fort Greene, Brooklyn gather in front of a house to "trick or treat" Brooklyn residents participate in Halloween activities on October 31, 2012 in New York City.

Some city officials in our bay area have proposed guidelines for this year’s Halloween holiday.

How can you give your kids a memorable, fun Trick-or-Treating experience and keep them safe and healthy?

In some cities around the country (like many in California), officials are recommending cancelling it all.

In Bartow officials passed a resolution to put guidelines in place.

According to Bartow City Manager George Long, “We are not imposing restrictions on anyone. We’re strongly encouraging them to be smart.” Being smart includes wearing face coverings and social distancing. Long added, “For example, setting out a candy bowl or a candy dish while distancing themselves a reasonable distance away from that.”

The Florida Department of Health says people should give out goodie bags instead of pieces of candy. And folks should thoroughly wash their hands before preparing the bags.

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