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You may have crossed between Tampa and St. Petersburg across the Howard Frankland Bridge many times and have seen it change over the years. There are more changes coming, and it’s a big project.

There is a new southbound span being built. It will feature eight lanes. Four will be for general southbound use. Four lanes will be for express lanes (two southbound and two northbound). Also, it will have something the Howard Frankland Bridge has never had before: a bicycle/pedestrian path. Once the new southbound span is complete, the existing southbound span would be converted to northbound from St. Petersburg to Tampa.

Another change coming to the bridge’s structure, as reported by ABC Action News, is that the concrete barriers are being raised 10 inches for safety. After the new span is complete and the current southbound is converted into northbound lanes, the current northbound span from St. Petersburg to Tampa will be removed. The project is expected to take about 5 years.

Here’s what is expected to be built, according to Tampa Bay Next.

Tampa Bay Next

You Talked. We Listened. In response to community input, we have made changes to the design of the Howard Frankland Bridge. The community has made it clear that they want: - Infrastructure that can...

[Source: Tampa Bay Next]

Check out these images from the Tampa Bay Rays win in Game 2 of the World Series

Game 1 got some Rays fans concerned. Game 2 was literally a whole new ball game. Blake Snell was on fire. The Dodgers threatened late in the game, but the Rays held on to pick up a 6 to 4 win. That ties things up in the series. World Series Game 3 is Friday night at 8:08PM. Check out these photo highlights!