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Born in September, it took a few weeks to find the right name for a rare Indian rhino calf. Now we’ll know what to call the new resident of ZooTampa.

Tampa now as two Gronks. One is a tight end for the Buccaneers. The other is a cute, “cuddleful” rhino calf, as Rob Gronkowski describes him. Rob said in a tweet that it was an honor to have the rhino named after him, calling himself the “Grono-saurus.” Hear his comments in the Tweets below.

His parents are named Jaime and Johnny. For Jaime, it was her fourth calf. For Johnny, his first.  Gronk, an Indian rhino, is a member of a species whose numbers are about just 3,700 living in northeastern India and Nepal.
[Source: Tampa Bay’s 10]

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