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The oldest trophy in professional sports now has the latest team’s names etched on its silver band, and here you can take a look at them.

The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley of Preston in 1892. The tradition of etching team names on the rings of the cup goes back to when teams were given the option of adding engravings to the cup at their own expense. Teams also began to add the names of the owners, coaches and players to the cup, which continued to add more rings to the Cup. With some design changes to the body of the Stanley Cup over the years, the names were consolidated and it became the shape we’re familiar with today.

This is the second time the Tampa Bay Lightning’s names are engraved on the Stanley Cup. The first, of course, came in 2004. Now, the names of Jeff Vinik, his 2019-2020 team staff and players are now seen as the latest addition to the Cup.

Lightning Players and Fans Celebrate the Stanley Cup’s Return to Tampa