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The New York Times is out with a list of 20 counties around the country that could be the most influential in tomorrow’s vote. States like New York and California always go blue and Alabama and Mississippi always go red. But Florida tends to be super close and it’s looking like that will be the case again this year. Two counties in our state are likely to predict the winner.

The county in our area that the eyes of the nation is on: Pinellas. Pinellas voted for Barack Obama twice. But in the last election, Pinellas went red when the option was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The New York Times says the results given the mix of solid base democrats in downtown St Pete with the wealthy retirees from the midwest living along the beach could mirror the country’s vote. Hillsborough County did not make the list but Osceola county in the Orlando area did. [Source: New York Times]

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