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Got Lobstah definitely has their fans. I could tell that by their social media comments. People make an effort to find them. And there was a steady stream of customers while I was there. Super friendly staff too and I noticed on the truck that they are owned by veterans, so another good reason to support them.

Being the only Q105’er from Maine, you’d think I’m a lobster roll expert. Truth be told, I never ever ate them when I lived there. I was a fast food kid. Mom was a single parent so lobster wasn’t really within her budget. And seeing mean nasty looking lobsters in dark tanks at supermarkets as a child creeped me out. They looked like evil monsters with those sharp claws. As I got older, I had one here and there when I’d go home. Now I love ’em but I lived 1,000 miles south here in Tampa Bay. So whenever I get a chance to have a legit Maine lobster roll here among the palm trees, I gotta try it.

Got Lobstah is a food truck that makes its way around the Tampa Bay area, but I just never made a point to track them down until I saw they were coming to St. Pete near the Q105 studio this past weekend. Could they unseat my favorite Maine lobster roll spot in Clearwater? Here’s my review… in photos.

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