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So many people were left with water damage to their cars as Tropical Storm Eta brought storm water up to cars. What will happen to these cars?

Some areas experienced flooding that brought water into cars, or people drove through roads that had deeper water than their cars could handle. In many cases, the damage can be fixed, and these cars are often sold off. It’s not illegal to do so, but only if that information is made known to the buyer.

Floodwater can affect the car’s computer system, it can corrode metal, damage brakes and leave mold and bacteria in the interior and ventilation system. You can check through Carfax’s website whether a car has experienced water damage and was repaired. According to Carfax, nearly 450,000 water-damaged cars are back on the road nationwide. According to News Channel 8, more than 5,000 can be found in the Tampa Bay area.

If you experienced high water, get your car checked out.
[Source: News Channel 8]

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