Back To The ’80s

Did you have a favorite toy from the 80s? Mine was a microphone and guitar that had a mini speaker. I loved singing day and night into it, my parents, however…hated it and wished Santa never delivered it for Christmas.

There were a lot of great toys to come out of the 80s, but there were also some that just missed the mark and were really strange.

1.”Zany Zappers.” Basically a plastic pair of sunglasses with a red light that could flash. Basically the first iteration of the Snapchat Spectacles – and we know how well those did.

2. And then there are “Breath Blasters” and “Rude Ralph”. With “Breath Blasters” when you squeezed the plastic toy they blew out a specified vile scent (like death breath, dog breath… you get the picture) that kids could aim toward their friends. GROSS and still remain in the nightmares of little sisters of the 80s everywhere.

3. Now, let’s get into a toy that could be considered controversial, Pillow People. When I was a kid all I wanted was a Pillow Person, but my mom saw through it. She refused to buy me a glorified pillow. Many kids, however, saw DJ Tanner in the late 80s with Pillow People, so they were still considered cool…at the time. Pillow People also had a Christmas special.

4. And finally, there is the “Pogo Ball”. Kids, just get ready to knock your front teeth out! I can’t even stay on a Pogo Stick, what made me think I could use this safely?