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Highway 19 is a source of frustration for many of us who commute through Pinellas and Pasco County. But it’s not usually a sexual frustration. Let me set the mood.

An arrest in Clearwater has made national news. 30 year old Shawn McClelland and 39 year year old Amber Gormley were spotted by drivers getting a little too affectionate near the intersection of Highway 19 and Whitney Road, according to The Smoking Gun. That’s putting it nicely. You can read the police report for the more graphic details. Gotta hand it to TSG… they described it as “digital pursuits.” So you get the idea.  The report indicates the couple was in an “open area location of a busy area where all drivers could see then having intercourse” at 2:45pm in the afternoon on Saturday.

Largo Police say McClelland also had synthetic marijuana. His rap sheet is interesting. TSG reports he was convicted two years ago of stealing cat litter from Walmart. This wasn’t Gormley’s first run in with the law either. She has convictions for theft and drug charges. [Source: TSG]

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