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It seems like such a minor thing, but you’re not allowed to touch manatees. They are protected by federal law. Here’s what happened.

A boat captain on a fishing charter near Weedon Island was caught on video from a drone using a rod to reach out and poke to a manatee. When the video went viral, that’s all it took for many to want him put away.

Charged in federal court for harassing the manatee, the penalty could have been prison time. The prosecution, however, asked only for a $2,000 fine. He plead guilty and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service.

The captain’s defense was that he was just trying to push something off the back of the manatee. The judge did watch the video.

Boat Captain Drives Through Manatees, Then Physically Harasses One and Scares Them

Way to go boat captain. First, you drove right through a group of manatees. Second, you tried to crash my drone with your fishing pole. It's a good thing you...

[Source: Tampa Bay Times]

Florida Voters Chose 30 Strange Write-In Candidates For the 2020 Election

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