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Using information from online searches, USAToday came up with their list of the top 10 places people wish to visit in 2021. Clearly, people want to visit Florida. Which cities made the list?

Orlando, Miami and Tampa each made the list. In fact, the trio of Florida cities each landed in the top 5. Orlando was the number 1 city on the list. Miami was number 4 and Tampa landed at number 5. We know what draws people here. Florida has the beaches, including some of the best in country right here on the Gulf of Mexico. Florida also has the theme parks like Disney and Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, some of which are the most visited in the world. There are also more animal parks across the state, including one of the best family zoos in the nation with ZooTampa. To top it off, the weather here is often the best in the nation, and that continues to draw tourists to Florida.

Hawaii also had three destinations on the list, which isn’t surprising. There were no California cities on their list, but one that seemed surprising was Utah.

What would be your 2021 vacation destination? Is it someplace you’ve visited before or would you like to go somewhere you’ve never been before? See what the top 10 destinations on the list here.

[Source: USAToday]

Here are some of the most well-known landmarks from the state of Florida. What do you think is the most iconic sight in Florida?