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Video shows Florida man rescue puppy from alligator

A Florida man was caught on surveillance video jumping into a pond to rescue his 3-month-old puppy from the jaws of an alligator. Richard Wilbanks told WINK ...

It doesn’t get much more Florida than this. This brave (or crazy depending on perspective) guy jumps in the water to wrestle an alligator that had attacked his small dog. Goes to show the love we have for our pets.

Now this isn’t a huge alligator I’ll grant you… but two things to keep in mind. Even small gators are powerful and bite to the arms could’ve caused some serious damage. And who knows if there was another one in the pond that we couldn’t see?

CNN says this guy is 74! This went down in Richard Wilbanks’ backyard pond in Estero. Gunner, the pooch, is ok after a trip to the vet. He got a shot and is recovering. By the way – Richard says he didn’t ask for the gator to be removed or killed, saying that the pond is shared space.

The best part of this video… and I’ve gotta thank my friend Erin for spotting this key element of the story – the guy never took his cigar out of his mouth! You get extra points for that. [Source: CNN]

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