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The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

We’re super lucky to have some of the best old school DJs in the world mixing your requests every Saturday night on Q105. We’ve got Stevie B’s own DJ Slice. We have DJ Paul S who packed the clubs in the New York and Connecticut freestyle scene back in the late 80s and early 90s and now gets millions of hits on YouTube. Plus we have Tampa Bay’s own DJ Hoof, who tore it up at the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Live on Halloween Night at the Kapok Special Events Center.

From time to time, I plan to invite more DJs to join the party. I discovered Jesus Sanchez on YouTube. You tend to come up near the top of the searches when you have any many views as he does. What impressed me most about Jesus was his incredible range. From pop to disco to freestyle, he blends it all so seamlessly. A few weeks ago I invited him to come on the show and I’m super excited to say he accepted the invitation and will make his SNDP debut this weekend.

We connected today and I was eager to find out more about this guy. I knew nothing more than his name and his talent. So we’re going to learn together.  We talk about his visits to the US, what music he enjoys the most and the ups and downs of being an online DJ, dealing with YouTube copyright issues.

Catch Jesus as he makes his SNDP debut Saturday, November 28 at 10:20pm on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Pictures from the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Halloween Bash in Clearwater

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