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Last week we learned that plans for Gasparilla for 2021 have been pushed back. But tonight, Channel 8 reports that the Florida State Fair is staying on schedule. The fair is set to open February 11 and run through February 22. If that seems late to you, you’re right. It’s normally a bit earlier in February. But the late start actually has nothing to do with the pandemic. The Florida State Fair was moved to later in the month because of the Super Bowl being in Tampa.

Geno Knight / Beasley Media

This news of the Florida State Fair moving ahead with plans to open comes after the Florida Strawberry Festival announced they plan to welcome visitors to Plant City as well in 2021. The rides will run and the foods will be served up. However, there won’t be any live concerts like they usually offer. [Source: Channel 8]

Geno’s 2020 Florida Strawberry Festival Food Tour

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