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The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that Tampa came in at #2 of a study of ATM fees charged in major US cities. The average fee we pay is now up to $5.20 – that’s up from $4.97 last year, according to the article. Only one city has higher rates… Atlanta. Their average was an insane $5.60!

Who had the LOWEST fees in the survey? I was surprised by this one – Chicago and Los Angeles! Those are 2 of the most expensive cities around! Ever seen the gas prices in California? [Source: TBBJ]

10 Q105 Songs from the ’80s You Might Not Know Were Cover Songs

We love our ’80s Party Weekends on Q105. But some of those sings you so closely identify with Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Heart and Whitney Houston – aren’t even theirs!

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