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Got some good news if you’ve been planning to visit that new snow park in Dade City! It’s going to be a lot easier for them to keep the snow for kids to play in as temperatures in Florida are about to plummet.

If you woke up early this morning, temperatures in the Tampa area were right around 80 degrees. We may not see that again for a few months because our weather rollercoaster is about to take its first big dive. Got the seatbelt on?

The rain moving through the area today is bringing colder weather behind it. We’ll temperatures drop through the day to about 70, according to ABC Action News.

Tonight they’ll drop another 20 degrees so when you wake up Tuesday morning, it’ll be around 50! Temps probably won’t get out of the 50s at any point Tuesday. And when you go to bed Tuesday night, say goodbye to the 50s… because you’ll wake up to temps in the FORTIES! In fact, some of the usual colder spots in Florida will dip into the 30s!

The coldest point this week will be right around 7am Wednesday morning. Temps will start to rebound to about 60 and then we should have some steady temps for the rest of the week. [Source: ABC Action News]

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