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New to the Tampa area? Take a deep breath. The line at Wawa today isn’t just for the hoagies. If you’re a transplant like me, the first time you see that exclamation point warning light come on, you might assume you’re about to get hit with a big repair bill.

Why Do Tires Lose Pressure In Cold Weather?

As the weather gets colder, drivers might notice the tire pressure light going off in the car. It's common as winter settles in, Heather Brown reports (01:55...

Relax. It’s just an indicator that your tire pressure is low. Florida’s first big temperature drop brings this annual heart-raising moment. Your PSI drops about 1 or 2 notches every time the temp goes down 10 degrees. And since we started this week at 80 and woke up to the 40s this morning, well there ya go.

The line at the Wawa air pumps will be long today, but free is free. And in this COVID-19 life, who’s carrying around dirty quarters anymore? Plus it’s a good excuse to get a hoagie.

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