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Eat your heart out Tom Brady. You may be the GOAT, but Gronk has solidified his legacy in pro wrestling. I’ve gotta think this means more to Rob Gronkowski than when he eventually gets into the NFL Hall of Fame. The new Tampa Bay Buc has been immortalized after his brief run as a pro wrestler by getting his very own WWE action figure. Gronk’s stay in World Wrestling Entertainment was short, but productive. He even won the gold… well not the WWE Championship… it was the 24/7 title he won. But hey, he had a belt long enough to make it an accessory that comes with his action figure.

Preorders are being taken now. The dolls, excuse me, action figures will be shipped out in mid January according to the Walmart website. Priced at $19.99, the Gronk action figure is decked out with a tiger stripe blue jacket with black pants. And yes, it comes with a WWE mic which makes him look more like Vanilla Ice than Gronk. The hair is a bit darker than you would think it should be. And best of all, you can swap out Gronk’s hands. Given Gronkowski’s history of being prone to injury, this might be a valuable feature.

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