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The NCAA came down on the Florida Gators and Head Coach Dan Mullen. What does this mean?

Recruiting young players to colleges and universities is a major part of an athletic program. The NCAA regulates this carefully. What Coach Dan Mullen did might not appear to be a big deal, but it violated the rules. This was on top of other coaches with the team meeting with players at a time that violated the rules. 127 prospects were greeted by coaches at an informal visit to the university.

Dan Mullen visited a high school coach to discuss a prospect, and that player was in the room. That’s all it took. A coach can meet with a player, but it must be after the student athlete’s junior year of high school. Mullen has said that he hopes the coaching staff can learn from these mistakes.

In response, the NCAA has fined the Florida Gators and placed them on one year of probation. The University of Florida is cooperating and accepting responsibility.

Click here for details on the sanctions levied against the Florida Gators.
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