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Not a good look for Tampa. A video this morning has gone viral of mostly college-aged kids partying last night in the streets of Ybor City. I get it. We were all that age once. We felt invincible. But it’s not like these kids are going to isolate for 2 weeks.

Some said the virus would go away after the election. And some think going from 2020 to 2021 means it’s over. It’s not. Yet revelers last night in Ybor City went face mask-free congregating on 7th Avenue. Fortunately they were outside and not inside the bars. Nonetheless, given the spike in COVID cases we’re going through right now, let’s hope in 2021 most of us will do what we need to do to put the coronavirus behind us so we don’t have to deal with this thing into 2022.

The most troubling thing to me was this was apparently taken at 2:30am. Can you imagine how crowded it must’ve been a couple hours earlier?

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