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Looks like Apple is going to settle with a start-up meal-prep company.

The meal-prep app is called Pepear and uses a logo that looks like a pear. But Apple is saying, “Oh, no, no. This looks way too much like our logo.” (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

Apple allleges in a court-filing that the pear logo “readily calls to mind Apple’s famous Apple Logo and creates a similar commercial impression.” Furthermore, they believe that the logos are so similiar they would “cause the ordinary consumer to believe” that Prepear is “affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.”

The parent company of the Prepear app, Super Healthy Kids, accuses Apple of “abusing their position of power by going after small businesses like ours who are already struggling due to the effects of Covid-19,” and they want to “not only to keep our logo, but to send a message to big tech companies that bullying small businesses has consequences.”

Super Healthy Kids has circulated a petition on, which has already earned at least 269,000 signatures.

The dispute will continue on Jan. 23. The first court appearance will be in March.

What do you think of the logo?

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