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Such a beautiful story. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to get discouraged. A lyric by country singer Luke Bryan is the thing I always keep in mind… most people are good. And this waitress definitely exemplifies that. Her bravery might have saved at least one, maybe two young lives. Would you have done this?

According to Orlando police, a waitress saw a family withholding food from a boy at a table. With two children seated, the parents only ordered one kids meal. The adult male at the table said the boy would be eating later at home. It struck her as odd. She said the boy was wearing a hoodie and a mask so she couldn’t see much of him. But she did see scratches and bruises on the boy’s body. That’s when she created a sign to secretly ask the child if he needed help. The adults at the table didn’t see it. But fortunately the boy did. He signaled “Yes” she called Orlando Police.

Photo: Orlando PD

The stepfather & mother were arrested. Some of the things these two are accused of are absolutely horrifying. The child told the police that he had been deprived of food often. He had been handcuffed and tied to a dolly as punishment… even hung upside down and struck with a broom.

It’s so much easier to turn away. As another employee said, the waitress could’ve just assumed the boy had an accident. But creating the note was so brave and for the boy, it was so brave of him to nod.

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