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Pretty cool to have a medical facility right in our Tampa Bay area doing potentially life-saving Covid-related research.

One aspect of coronavirus people are fearful of, and for good reason, is the potential for life-threatening blood clots in some patients.

Researchers and medical providers at Lakeland Regional Health are working to find answers as to why some patients form these types of clots.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), a number of patients who unfortunately pass from COVID-19 formed blood clots throughout their bodies. The reason for this is because of inflammation that is caused by COVID.

Dr. Daniel Haight is Director of Infection Prevention at Lakeland Regional Health. He explained, “As a person’s recovering from COVID there is a lot of inflammation. We know that inflammation can also cause blood clots within the various blood vessels and those could lead to heart attack, stroke.”

Now these doctors at Lakeland Regional Health are part of a national study. The goal is to help people prevent blood clots while recovering from COVID-19.

“We want to know what’s the best advice to nationwide to give patients that are recovering from COVID, to avoid complications like blood clots. Should we just warn patients on what to look out for and how to get them treated quickly, or should we use common medications like a blood thinner or aspirin?” Haight said.

They need more people to participate in the study. Here are the criteria you must meet:

You must be forty years of age or older.
You need to have been diagnosed positive with COVID-19 within the last ten to 14 days.
You must be showing COVID-related symptoms.
However, you must not have required hospitalization.
You can’t currently be taking blood thinner

Those who meet the above criteria and are interested in participating in the study should contact the ACTIV-4 COVID Research Team at (863) 284-1515.

So thankful for the brilliant, hard-working people doing things to fight this disease every day.

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