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Photo courtesy of Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The game may not start until 6:30, but you know all those pregame shows with the “experts” will be weighing in with their predictions on who will win Super Bowl 55 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kanas City Chiefs. Hours and hours of going over footage from previous games, breaking down offensive and defensive strategy… and it’s all for nothing. If you want to know who’s going to win the game, just ask Nicholas. He’s 6 for 6 in calling the winner of big games in the NFL and college championships.

Is Nicholas some talk show host or NFL Hall of Famer? Nope. He’s a swimmer… at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Yes, Nicholas the Dolphin is ready to give you his insight on Tuesday at noon when he’ll be presented with a choice during his normal enrichment activities. For this prediction, an Animal Care Specialist will present Nicholas with the choice between a Tampa Bay Buccaneers football or a Kansas City Chiefs football. He selects the winning team by touching his rostrum (or nose) to the team’s football he believes will win Super Bowl LV.

Nicholas is a rescued bottlenose dolphin that was found stranded with severe sunburns. He was orphaned and unable to learn necessary survival skills as a calf, therefore he became a permanent resident at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

PHOTOS: Nicholas in action!

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