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Each day, the number of people getting their vaccinations increases. Do they get special treatment at Walt Disney World Resort?

The short answer: No. Walt Disney World requires masks to be worn at all times, except when actively eating (while stationary and physically distanced), seated at a restaurant, or while swimming. This isn’t just to protect those who are wearing masks, but to protect other guests who haven’t yet been vaccinated.

Masks must be ones approved by Disney. They can be reusable or disposable, but must be at least two layers, cover nose and mouth and fit under the chin and snugly against your face. Neck gaiters, bandanas, or masks with valves or mesh are not approved by Walt Disney World.

Disney also wants to keep guests socially distanced while on their property. The lines in the park may appear longer, making it seem as though the parks are busier. There is, however, social distancing being used in the lines, so they are physically longer, but that’s because of space between guests.
[Source: WTSP]

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