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You know how Froggy feels about “Saved By the Bell.” A passionate fan, to say the least.

He was hit hardest after hearing the sad news about Dustin Diamond passing from cancer.

Froggy thought it would be a fitting tribute to Dustin if he recreated a scene form a famous episode called “Oh, Arty Boy.” This was the episode where Screech and the gang had to bury their lizard that had unfortunately died. The entire “Saved By the Bell” pack performs a song for Arty to the tune of O’ Danny Boy.

When asked about the performance he’d be doing, Froggy said, “Today, I Froggy, will perform my own take on this classic song in honor of Screech.”

It’s QUITE a performance. And Froggy loses it at the end…and our Q105 studio was at the receiving end of Froggy’s “anger” stage of his grief.

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