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We’ve been debating it for weeks. Should the Bucs be allowed to use the cannons on Sunday? In theory the stadium is supposed to be neutral. And if there was any team that earned the home field advantage, you could certainly argue it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. They had the better record by far this season.

Channel 8 reports the NFL has rendered its decision. The Bucs WILL be able to “fire the cannons” after all. However, they won’t be used when the team scores. They’ll only used during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers introduction. The NFL is sticking to that plan to keep Ray Jay neutral. It’s a situation the National Football League has never encountered before as the Bucs are the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

The Bucs tonight issued this statement on Twitter: “The firing of the cannons after big plays is a tradition that defines what it means to be a Buccaneer fan and serves as a signature element of our home game experience at Raymond James Stadium. However, we acknowledge and understand the NFL’s position with regards to maintaining the integrity of a neutral atmosphere for Super Bowl LV. While the cannons may not fire in their typical fashion, we look forward to showcasing parts of our tradition while working within the league’s guidelines.” [Source: Channel 8]

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