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This is based on research studies, using real data from the 50 states. Let’s find out just how Florida did on the list.

The people at Wallethub went through all sorts of details, such as dating opportunities, economics, romance and fun. These sound like people who have lots of fun. Well, here’s what they came up with.

Wallethub’s ranking took out personal details, such as looks and personality. The results are based on a scoring system that was broken down to three main categories.

  • “Dating Opportunities” included the share of single adults, gender balance and openness to relationships.
  • “Dating Economics” measured details such as beer and wine prices, movie costs and beauty salon costs.
  • “Romance and Fun” referred to, but wasn’t limited to, restaurants per capita, movie cinemas per capita, access to bars and online dating safety.

We said those people at Wallethub sound like fun…

So, how did Florida rank?

Of the three categories, Florida’s worst number was “Dating Economics”, where the state was ranked 28th. Next was “Romance and Fun” where Florida was the 6th best in the nation. For “Dating Opportunities,” Florida was ranked #1.

The total score for Florida was 69.54. That gave the state the highest overall score in the United States! (We’re number 1! We’re Number 1!)

Number 2 on the list was Texas with a score of 64.38, followed by Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and at number 5, New York.
[Source: Wallethub]

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