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Wow.  Some NFL fans in New England are still sour that their Patriots aren’t going to the Super Bowl this weekend.  After two decades of domination with Tom Brady, the Pats failed to make the playoffs this year.  And that left a few of them bitter.  And who’s the target of their whining? Tom Brady.  The same guy that gave them all those great memories over the years is now being hated on by some in Boston.

Another former Patriots quarterback isn’t having it.  Scott Zolak, who now does commentating for the Patriots, called Pats fans out.  He says there’s no tough choice to make as to which team fans in New England should be behind Sunday.

“You fans that rooted for 20 years here. You would do anything to get in the same room with him… would do anything to get him to sign something for your kid. Would buy all his different jersey combinations that you could. What was the crime against the team that he did to make you hate him so bad? What is it? He told ’em he wanted to play until his mid 40’s. They didn’t believe him. They bet against him. So he said I’ll take my money on go bet on myself. He’s betting on himself right now. You hate Tom Brady and you don’t know whether you should root for the Chiefs or Tampa because Tampa has Tom Brady? You’re a fraudulent Patriots fan.”

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