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The happiest place on Earth will skip one of their annual traditions, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t worry, they’re still keeping some of their magic alive for the game’s MVP.

The parade annually given for the winning team down Main Street U.S.A. will not happen this year at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We’ll need to wait to see if they resume the iconic event in 2022. That doesn’t mean that Disney isn’t going to participate on game day.

It all began with NY’s quarterback Phil Simms in 1987. After the game, he was the star of the commercial that asked what he was going to next.

"I'm Going to Disney World" - first ad, 1987

Quarterback Phil Simms became the first to utter that famous phrase after the New York Giants won Super Bowl XXI. He was reportedly paid $75,000 for doing th...

This commercial is expected to happen after the game, and we’re hoping to see one of the Bucs give that famous line!
[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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