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Brady and Gronk are lovin' the Florida life.

For guys like me, Tom Brady and Gronk (like how I lumped myself in there?), moving to Florida was a no-brainer. Why would you pay twice as much to live in a frigid freezer where people can’t even acknowledge the letter R? The letter R is a beautiful letter. Embrace it. Say it. I love parking my car in Clearwater. You’ll never hear this Maine kid “pahhkin’ his cah in Cleeyawaddah.” Truth be told, I did have the New England accent as a kid, but once I started actually moving my mouth when I talk, once my jaw thawed out, I found it rather easy to work the letter R into my my words.

Anyway, back to the Super Bowl champs. They did the damn thing in New England. Tomorrow they hope to finish the job and do it in Tampa. The Buccaneers just released this video of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski playing a round of “Overrated or Underrated.” I think they nailed it this round’s topic was “Tampa Bay.”

Rob Gronkowski: “Underrated big time. It’s a great family city. A lot going on. A lot of things to do, a lot of beaches, but really no one really knows about Tampa Bay. It’s not a big city to the outside world. It’s so underrated. But that’s how we like it.”

Tom Brady: “It’s pretty quaint. It’s a little under the radar but it’s a hidden beautiful paradise down here. It’s got everything you need. Flamingos and cannons.”

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