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Remember when that photo went viral on the internet about the color of that dress? I think this is the 2021 version of that.

Last night, Steven Stamkos scored a goal for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but it seems nobody outside the Tampa area thinks it actually went in. There was a lengthy delay after the score as replay officials in Toronto re-watched the puck’s travel over and over. After all was said and done, the NHL declared that it was a good goal. Or more accurately, they didn’t find enough evidence in the video below to say it was NOT a good goal.

Take a peek at this video and then let us know what you think in the poll below. I’m getting lots of flack today because I’m 100% certain it didn’t go in. I love Stamkos. I love the Bolts. But it was not a goal. Yet I can’t get anyone here at the station today to agree with me.

It ended up not mattering much anyway. The Lightning suffered their first home loss of the season.

Geno’s pics from the Stanley Cup celebrations in Tampa!

What a night it was!

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