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Dunedin has long been the home of the Toronto Blue Jays spring training season, but with the pandemic, now you’ll be able to watch MLB games that actually count. The Tampa Bay Times reports that the team has made it official today. The Blue Jays will at least start their regular season here in Tampa Bay.

Fans will be let in, but at a reduced capacity of 15%.  So given that this isn’t Spring Training and the stadium is small to begin with, ticket prices will likely be pretty steep.

It’s still unclear how long the team will play here in the area. For now they’re confirming they’ll play here for their first two homestands through May 2. They’ll be playing the Angels, Yankees, Nationals and Braves. That means the team could be back in Canada by their next “home” game May 14. For local Rays fans, it’d be kind of cool if the Jays can’t go home in May because we’d be able to see a Tampa Bay Rays on the road game… in Dunedin! The Rays play the Jays May 21-24. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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