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Have you ever seen it? I have to admit. After almost of living in the Tampa area, I’d never even thought about it. But yes, the City of Tampa DOES have a flag. And it is brutally ugly. It’s such an eyesore there’s a movement underway on social media to start from scratch. But this design has been the official flag for almost a century.

Before you jump on board the movement to get rid of it, you do need to know that as random as it looks, the designs actually do have some historical significance.

The City of Tampa website says the red, white, and blue is obviously to represent the country’s Stars and Stripes. It also incorporates the red and gold of Spain, the British Union Jack, the red, white and green of Italy and the French tricolor. All are said to have been used because these countries contributed to the growth of Florida.

Spain explored the Tampa area in 1528. England purchased Florida from Spain. And see the letter H in there? That symbolizes Hillsborough County. The blue T is for Tampa.

So do you still want to retire this design? That’s our Q poll question today.

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