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MTV Spring Break 2001

Scott Gries/ImageDirect

When we think of Spring Break now, we think of impossible, annoying traffic with tourists headed to the Pinellas beaches. But back in the ’80s, Spring Break was a little more fun for us. For those like me who lived up north at the time, we watched all the fun you were having in Florida on MTV. While we were miserable and freezing our butts off, we imagined ourselves partying with you here in the Sunshine State.

Beastie Boys HD : " Fight For Your Right " MTV Datona Beach - 1987 Boys HD VideosBy Ben EscobedoExclusively On Youtube !------------------------------------------------------...

Check out this classic clip from 1987 when the Beastie Boys had a #1 Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party Hit with “Fight For Your Right.” The guys didn’t feel like performing much that day so whoever grabbed the mic got to do it for them.

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