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Malls were already fighting an uphill battle before the coronavirus. Shoppers not wanting to risk getting COVID-19 only made matter worse. Retailers have had to adapt, offering things like curbside pickup and stepping up their game with online sales. Even Disney has felt the effects, announcing recently that they’re closing 60 of their Disney Store locations by March 24.

40 of those 60 locations that will close have been revealed. Two of them are in Florida. One is right here in our area. That would be the Disney Store at International Plaza store in Tampa. A graphic on their website encourages shoppers to visit their online shopping site, saying the store will close on or before March 23. If you plan to visit before they close, it’d be a good idea to call first: (813) 870-0467.

The other Florida location closing is in the Miami area at the Aventura Mall. [Source:]

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