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And get this. She’s not just a mother of one of the students. She’s an assistant principal!

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says 50 year old Laura Rose Carol and her 17 year old daughter got into the Tate High School computer system and tried to sway the voting results of a homecoming queen contest. Actually they didn’t just try. It worked… at first. Her daughter won the homecoming queen title.

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But apparently the daughter told some students about the little secret. Loose lips sink ships. It probably wasn’t too difficult to see something was wrong since 117 votes came from the same IP address. And they say they all were traced back to the mother’s phone. Carol was arrested today with a bond set at $8500. She’s charged with a few third degree felonies for her actions. The craziest part of the story is she was the assistant principal at an elementary school nearby! The daughter was taken into custody and sent to a juvenile detention center. [Source: FDLE]

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