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The Bucs must be doing something right as they get the players they need under contract. Now they move forward with another player who made the impact they needed.

Quarterback Tom Brady (that still sounds so nice, doesn’t it?) and the Buccaneers reworked his contract which opened up cap space for other players. The latest player to come to an agreement is tight end Rob Gronkowski. Rob will play another year for the Buccaneers for what reports will be $10 million.

Gronk appears to be happy to be back again for 2021. He had retired from the New England Patriots after 2019 and became a professional wrestler. He joined his friend Tom Brady in Tampa and helped to lead the Buccaneers to their second championship.

For the Buccaneers, Gronk scored 7 touchdowns in regular season. He scored two touchdowns in Super Bowl LV. Together with Tom Brady, the two have combined for the 2nd most touchdown passes in NFL history.


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