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With the technology available, it could be just the start of how we move forward using facial recognition.

No, you don’t have to be part of the test when you visit Walt Disney World. There’s a good chance you already use it with your phone, notebook or tablet. The parks have always been a place where you may find new technology being used.

This is just another way of moving toward contact-free encounters that Walt Disney World is testing. If you’d like to participate when you visit a Disney park, it’s simple. Step up to the “Facial Recognition” test line. Remove anything that might cover your face EXCEPT a mask. Look into the camera and hold your method of entry (MagicBand or admission pass) to scan.

Then, next time you visit, use the system and that will help the parks make the new technology work properly. Otherwise, go ahead an use the regular line. Nobody will judge you. Not even the Mouse.

Walt Disney World begins testing facial recognition technology

Walt Disney World is now testing a new facial recognition technology at its Magic Kingdom theme park.


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